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What if there was a place where people who were engaged, dating or single could meet under one roof and talk?

An open forum venue where they could discuss topics that occupy the minds and everyday lifestyles of people who are unmarried in the 21st century.

Not the "cookie cutter" G-rated topics, but the hard hitting issues that single people face that are not openly discussed. Topics like infidelity, money, compatibility, marriage, loneliness, brokenness, love…

Let's face it, we ALL deal with it - but most of the time we either suppress it or ignore it. We convince ourselves that the elephant will escort itself out of the room; instead we allow it to take up permanent residence as a ‘roommate of bitterness’ producing agony in our lives.

It does not have to be this way! God can set you free and you can live the abundant life that Jesus paid the ultimate price for. You deserve replenishing relationships and healthy community. There is a safe place for you, your friends and “ANYONE with a pulse”. Come hear, vent and GROW in this season of your life with us at Home-Team.

About Chris Griffin

Chris Griffin is an ex professional athlete, current television cast member for Beachbody’s Body Beast, author, speaker, radio personality and founder/president of Home-Team America, one of the nations largest singles ministries with locations in Dallas and Houston. Chris regularly travels and conducts speaking engagements at churches, men’s conferences and singles conferences.


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